Wine is an irreplaceable natural product. It is a divine gift which delights man’s heart and enlightens magically the paths of friendship and the spirit.

Samos, an island situated in theEastern Aegean Sea, is thoroughly covered with greenery and has been blessed with everything that nature can possibly offer. This island has indissoluble bonds with the history of wine and especially with the “muscat” wine, in a way that there is an automatic association between Samos and the “muscat” wine.

Since 1200 B.C. the myth of King Angeus proves the vinicultural and oenological tradition of the island. Furthermore, extensive historical accounts found in Hippocrates, Galen, Theophrastus, Vilibald, Byron, Turnefore, Friseman evidence that the "anthosmias" of Samos is even up to the present day a famous product in great demand all over the world.


The Samos “muscat” wine of appellation of controlled origin, is produced by the grapes of the exquisite selection of “small - sized moschato grapes of Samos" grown on the slopes of Mount Ampelos (1144) which is covered with traditional terraced vineyards up to the height of 900m and with controlled efficiency of the decares of land.


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Since antiquity the wines of the Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos have been a cut above the rest, outstanding in their quality and uniqueness. It is thus small wonder that they have received so many awards at prestigious international competitions and continue undaunted in their effort to be always the best.

Through practices that are considered unique by Greek standards, the Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos ensures the fairness of revenues rendered to its grape growers and promotes the island of Samos the world over.  All of the Union's efforts begin with the wine grape only to come back full circle to the wine growers that lovingly cultivate it.